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Our neighborhood issues in Miami-Dade continues to be affected by crime such as gun violence, abandoned houses, increasing open drug sales, junk cars, overgrown lots, prostitution, untrimmed trees, unkempt roads, and dumping. There are several other problems that warrant attention and these conditions contribute to developing a permanent minority under-class. These issues has escalated in mainly Black Communities due to inadequate monitoring by police and other appropriate public officials. P.U.L.S.E is establishing a committee to resolve these issues of disparate treatment of our neighborhoods. These issues will be seized, and resolved with all our power and might. Unemployment, homelessness, discrimination, quality education, and all illegal activities WILL be attentive and dealt with. For we may no longer have to worry about these issues, only if we come to common ground and work diligently together in helping our community will justice be served. 

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Community Caught In Crossfire 


I speak on behalf of the families who live at 2700 N.W. 65th Street.  First we are thankful for the men and women of the Miami-Dade Police Department  who dedicate their lives to protect and serve the people of Miami-Dade.  Our prayers were offered up for Officer Saul Rodriguez and the other two Officers who were shot in the line of duty.  
We are definitely NOT anti-police, but feel that it is important that we pull PUBLIC SAFETY from under the rug.  The families who were in harms way at 2700 N.W. 65th street,  should have been pulled from their apartment and taken to safety.  The people I talked with said NO  ONE said anything to them.  Why the rush, Adrian Montesano and Corsini Valdes car was stuck and were surrounded and could not flee,  they were “fish in a bucket”.  Officers had time to better position themselves out of their own CROSSFIRE and PROTECT themselves and the innocent citizens of the apartment.   
Adrian Montesano dug his own grave and took one of his associates with him.  We cannot support nor defend any of his actions in any way; he was totally wrong and out of control during this violent crime spree.  The police were out of control when they put their own comrades in harms way, they shot at each other and forgot to protect and serve.  Where was S.W.A.T., each department has a specially trained team of officers who are trained for these situations.  Large amounts of our tax dollars are used to train them with special weapons and TACTICS.  From the aerial footage, no special tactics were used only chaos and bedlam, shooting fish in a bucket. Check out the bullet holes in the surrounding buildings; they were shooting EVERYWHERE, and hitting trees, poles (15 feet up), electrical boxes, drainage lines, doors, walls, pipes and their OWN men.
 If any Police Director, Major or Police Officer’s family had lived in that  apartment on 65th street, better care would have been taken, they would have been protected and served. Innocent people getting shot or killed would have caused un-needed community tensions. Let’s think safety first, protect yourself and the citizens during these dangerous operations.

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Flooding in Miami Gardens : 

Random shootings our community should not have to put up with : 

Example of Abandoned Buildings That Were Demolished by P.U.L.S.E.